DJ Damo hosts at the Hi Tone Cafe in Memphis on April 22nd


DJ Damo of Hot Hitz Radio will be hosting the show at The Hi-Tone Cafe in Memphis on April 22nd. Several other artists will join him that night at the venue to showcase their talent to an all age crowd.

If you want to perform text him ASAP 314-448-9903

The artists that he has scheduled already to perform at this showcase are

GOD Brothers,

God Brothers

Jay La’Flare,

Jay Flare


Steve TCF Cooley.


To perform remember each artists must sell at least 10 tickets to this all ages event.

Text DJ Damo at 314-448-9903 to perform

Hot Hitz Radio

Purchase your tickets to the event here

Tickets to The Hi Tone Cafe

Get your tickets before April 15 and pay only $10.00 Schedule an interview for that day on Facebook Live. This price includes the ticket to the event and an interview on the radio show All Interviews will also be played on Hot Hitz Radio



Get an interview on Hot Hitz Radio only $5.00

Interview on Hot Hitz Radio

This is a payment for an interview on the radio show only



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