$1000 Hip Hop Showcase in St Louis. Who’s the hottest artist in your city?

Midwest Best 12

With several artists performing at the Saint Louis and Memphis $1000 Showcase. This may be the final year for the $1000 Showcase with DJ Beta and DJ Damo. With these showcases, they have given away almost $25,000+ to artists, djs, hosts, promoters, judges, venues,security etc.

The showcase is mainly for the music industry to network with producers, djs, promoters, venues as well as fans from all around the country. Artists have driven from as far as New York to compete in this showcase.
This year the angle will be for artists to make a little money, even if they don’t win the competition.

Yes we are looking for a few judges for the competition and also a few ladies and men to host the showcase.

Each artist will have 10 minutes to showcase their talent on a stage in front of at least 3 judges.

If you need more info on entering this showcase please text

DJ Damo at 314-448-9903


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