Shots fired is where @CalvinRoss_ comes from. Check out the latest singles from the one of the hottest R&B artist in the game

Calvin Ross 2.png
One of the hottest R&B artist in the game right now keeps putting out the best singles for his fans (ex=specially the ladies) to enjoy.

If you haven’t heard any music from this young man, now is the time to take notice and recognize these young stars coming up in the music industry.

The singer reflects on the reality of growing up in his impoverished neighborhood in Jackson, Tennessee where gun violence and drug dealing was a popular and recruited lifestyle. Calvin sheds a layer of his thick skin and reveals some of his deeper sentiments to the world. The cut is raw, and unfiltered creating an emotional connection with those of his listeners who can relate.
Calvin sings about the elements that almost snatched away his chances of doing anything laudable in his life through the medium that turned his life around: music.

Take a peek into this adept artist’s world. “Where I Come From”
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Calvin Ross Twitter: @CalvinRoss_

Calvin Ross on Facebook: Calvin Ross


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