Is Friday Night Lights one of the best open mics in Memphis and surrounding areas?


With the success and failings of open mics throughout the hip-hop and R&B industry around the country, there is one open mic event in Memphis that seems to grow and grow as time passes.
Friday Night Lights is to be considered one of the most successful open mic nights today. With the major support of Hip-Hop and R&B artists in the city of Memphis and surrounding areas, Raven seems to come up with major ideas that the artists love. From from fashion shows, mixtape release parties,etc. and now a beat auction.

Open mics usually have an issue with artists being in attendance to participate at the open mic, but Friday Night lights hasn’t had an issue with getting artists to come out and show their talent in front of other artists and fans. Not only do the artists perform but networking and showing support to other artists is what Friday Night Lights is all about.

Most artists only want to perform when there is a crowd at an open mic. Well artists if you are even in the Memphis area on a Friday Night this is the place to be.

raven 4

To set up your next event at Friday Night Lights Contact
Raven Ballinger



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