Lucid Flame (@OFC_Lucid_Flame) is Goin’ Through It” with Don Dre

Lucid Flame
Lucid Flame comes with a life storytelling track about a young man that is dealing with life situations of “Goin’ Through It”. Check out this new single with Flame’s creative flow that many artists of today lack. A story inside the lyrics. Don Dre who is also featured on the album adds a nice touch to the single with his smooth flow and potent lyrics.

New single by Lucid Flame “Goin’ Through It ft Don Dre.

Listen to Goin’ Through It on Spotify Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/1DVN6EXhkeaQfXYOOE1LQN?si=mcbpbkpv

Purchase on iTunes: Goin’ Through It on iTunes.

You can also listen to his other single “Feeling Myself” ft Ice Mic 360 and Don Dre. Listening to these 2 singles will definitely make you want to hear the new mixtape called “Midnight Motions”


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Lucid 2


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