@RayedR_DTR bringing City Lights and Competition to the Memphis $1000 Showcase

Rayed 2

Coming from a small city and state like Huntsville, AL, the music scene is very rare. Finding an artist that’s true to what they rap about and never forgetting where they came from come a dime a dozen. On the other hand Rayed R has the light shining bright on his city and has given it hope! Meet Rayed R (formally known as Ray Rizzle) , born Raymond Russell Jr, an American hip-hop recording artist and CEO of Deeper Than Rhymes that has something to say. With his lyrical content and storytelling rhymes, you are for sure to get an up north sound with a southern flow. Ray first stepped on to the music seen back in 2005 where he and 4 other people formed a group called B.$.E (Bama Starz Entertainment). The group went on to put out album after album until 2014 when they all agreed on the decision to go independent. Since then Ray took matters into his own hands with the music industry and has not looked back.

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