Mac Nasty brings out his supporters for the “I Do It” video shoot

Jackson, TN artist Mac Nasty who was recently on 96.1 FM to promote his video shoot of his hit single “I Do It” brought out the supporters of his music to the live video shoot Sunday evening. After being cancelled the first scheduled time due to inclement weather, everyone was eager to participate in his journey of his music career. Also part of his supporting cast were his children, who would also be dancing in his new video when it is released.

Mac Nasty has currently released his new album called “2 Vocal 2 Be Local”. He had handed out several copies of the new album to everyone who attended the video shoot.

After a brief interview with Mac Nasty, he stated that nothing can stop him now with the major support of his city on his back.

Here are a few tracks from the new released album by Mac Nasty.

You can contact him on Facebook to get your copy at Jeff McKnight Mac Nasty

Fo’ My People

I Do It

Brief Interview with DJ Damo




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