St Louis Promo Trip for Jyddy was a great success. Who rolling next time?

Even though it rained all day Saturday in St. Louis, that didn’t stop all the networking and promotion that had taken place for that weekend. As Jyddy arrived in Jackson for his promo trip to St. Louis, the weather in Tennessee was great and seemed like a fun, sun-filled weekend. As we headed to St. Louis we discovered there were signs of thunderstorms and lightening in the forecast. Later after reaching the county limits of St. Louis it was discovered that all the predictions had taken effect.

After an exhausting 4-5 hour drive, we made a stop at the luxurious Residence Inn to check in and  get ready for the Get Connected Tour $2500 Showcase.  The winner of this showcase would perform at the Get Connected showcase going down in October. I had to DJ, even though the weather was not catering to the event, Studio 618 still had the place packed with fans and artists enjoying the showcase.

After the showcase it was time to rest up for Day 2 of this promo trip. Day 2 was more exhausting because there were a series of showcases, sightseeing, networking and promoting that was about to take place.

Not going into too much detail but I think the pictures and videos will tell it all.

Studio session with DJ Damo doing the producing of the track.


If you need to hit St. Louis or any other city for a promo trip contact me up so we can set up some dates and some showcases for you to perform and network. 314-448-9903


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