DJ Damo interviews the sexy model Ms. Mye (@MizzAnetta) Bonus Photo Shoot Footage Included

I met Ms. Mye at a Music Conference in Nashville organized by Memphis’ own Paul Tutt. Amazed by her beauty, I had to interview her on my radio show. She was very professional and was attending the event in support of the movement. There were many cities being represented at this event and networking was a key.

I reached out to this young lady once again because I had noticed that she has been traveling, hosting, and promoting several events in and out of town.

Let’s get some inside information on this beautiful young lady.

DJ Damo: How long have you been modeling? 

Ms Mye: It will be my two year anniversary of starting this profession next month.

Damo: What made you want to start being a model?

Mye: I wanted to model because I know that I wanted be someone great and inspiring to other women. My other half seen the vision and I just made it into a reality

Damo: Do you always enjoy doing it?

Mye: I do enjoy modeling but sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming but it dMs Mye 2.jpgoes take a strong individual to pursue this career

Damo: Name the worst part about your job?

Mye: The worst part about being a model is knowing everyone’s outlook on your career isn’t going to be positive.

Damo: Have you ever thought about acting?

Mye: Most definitely, that is actually one of the careers I am pushing towards. I would love to work with individuals and collect information from various resources that could help me elevate my career as an actress

Damo: As a model what are three goals that you want to accomplish in the next few years?

Mye: Goals that I want to accomplish this year is being an international actress,
model, and continuing to build my brand, and also helping create avenues for others that are as dedicated as I am.

Damo: What place would you love to do a photo shoot?

Mye: I would love to shoot on a tropical island. where I can be sun-kissed from head to toe. Also I will be served milk chocolate excuse me, “RICH MILK CHOCOLATE.” Ummmm!!!! Thank you but nothing but the best for a queen.

Damo: What do you do in your spare time?

Mye: Actually I maintain my home with my other careers that I am venturing, I spend lots of quality time with my children, and most importantly, networking. And I do like to eat a lot (lol)

Damo: Is there a company that could call you right now that you would love to work for as a model?

Mye: OMG!!!! L.A. Models I would definitely want to be involved with that company as a model.

Damo: I am sure there are many uncomfortable situations you are faced with in your profession. How do you handle those situations?

Mye: I remain humble, staying professional, and to keep striving, and allow nothing to intervene with greatness.

Damo: How often do you travel?

Mye: I am on the road all the time. It’s not just always that I am being booked somewhere, I travel to also support the movement of others. I love stepping out of my comfort zone. It’s a challenge for me. I love challenges and meeting new people. It’s one of the great things about being in this business. As I said before, networking is very important.

Damo: For hosting, videos, fashion shows, etc. how can the readers get in contact with you.

Mye: I can be reached by email at BookingMsMye@gmail.com

Instagram: @Ms_Mye_

Facebook: Mi’Leisha Ross

Twitter: Ms Mye

Damo: Finally here a a few categories that I would love for you to answer:

Favorite Food: Meat…any type of meat…well not all meat (lol)..But juicy steaks. I am definitely a steak girl

Favorite Movie: All About The Benjamins

Favorite Male Singer:  Pleasure P. and Johnny Gill

Favorite Female Singer: Betty Wright, Tynisha Keli, and Kelly

Favorite Hip Hop Artist: Gucci Mane, Lil Boosie, Webbie, and of course my main man Ras_1ne

Favorite Fashion Designer: Demetrio Dolce and Stefano Gabbana

Bonus Footage of Ms Mye (Rated R) Maybe?

Bonus Footage The Oil Down.

Ms Mye


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