Interview with G Boogie known as Mississippi’s mixtape King


GBoogie the Scorpio is an artist, producer, writer, mixtape host, actor, and businessman from Mississippi. He’s well-known for a long run of mixtapes and was nicknamed “Mississippi’s Mixtape King” due to the popularity of his mixtapes in the early 2000s. His former record label Future Shock Worldwide released a diverse group of artists in hip-hop with artists like The Shock and Young Tut, and also southern soul with the release of the “Brickhouse” album by blues star Carl Sims. Many of the albums on his label did very well regionally.

He and his artists were featured extensively in Ozone Magazine, and as a producer he was featured in XXL Magazine for his work on Mississippi rap titan Kamikaze’s 2 a Broke 2 Ball. He also had a hand in one of Jackson, Mississippi’s first hip-hop awards in 2003 that featured David Banner as an attendee and winner. After almost a 6 year hiatus to focus on other ventures away from entertainment, he is currently releasing his first songs as a solo artist on a new indie label and has gained many followers via social media.

DJ Damo: How did you come up with your stage name?

GBoogie: The name GBoogie is just a nickname given to me back in the day by a big promoter in my city named Big Cotten. I just added The Scorpio, which is my zodiac sign, because I like astrology and it differentiates me from any other GBoogies out there.

Damo: What’s your view on the video that Snoop Dogg created pointing a gun at a Donald Trump look alike?

GBoogie: Really don’t have a major opinion, t was Snoop’s artistic expression. Haven’t seen the video though, I’m just going off whatever heard about the situation.

Damo: What part did you play in creating the first hip hop awards in Mississippi?

GBoogie: That was an opportunity that came to me in 2003 when I was approached by an engineer who had partnered with someone else to do it. I invested and helped a lot with it and it was a great success. David Banner was there and that was when he first was breaking nationwide. It was a great event.

Damo: Why did you take a break from the music industry?

GBoogie: I got sick first, which thank God I recovered from, then got married and had a son, and I was basically focused on my other businesses and raising my son.

Damo: Why did you decide to get back into it?

GBoogie: Well I’m still definitely focused on my son first, and I have my other businesses and work to do, but I kind of just made a decision that I wanted to give music, my own music, a real try…and do other things like acting that I feel like are talents that I had when I was young but I let shyness kind of hold me back.

Damo: Now that you are back in the music industry what difference do you see in the music from then and now?

GBoogie: The Internet and social media and just the outlets people have to get their music out has made it easier in some ways, but at the same time harder in some ways.

Damo: What are some of your major goals for 2017?

GBoogie: Just to keep grinding and rising, and have fun and create while doing it.

Damo: There are a few diss tracks out now with mainstream artists, do you think this is good for the music business?

GBoogie: From a hip-hop perspective, battling is a tradition. If you claim to be the best you have to be able to rise to the occasion when challenged in my opinion. I never want it to get violent tho! It has to be treated like a sport.

Damo: What projects do you have in the works right now?

GBoogie: Recording more songs and I just want to have a platform to share them with the world.

Damo: If you could pick 3 people to be in the studio with you to record a track, who would it be?
Gboogie: Pharrell, Kendrick and R. Kelly

Damo: Is there anything that you would change in the rap game right now?

GBoogie: Nope. As long as artists are pushing to get their sound our, music will constantly change and evolve.

Damo: If you were signed to a label and received a signing bonus, what would be your first purchase?

GBoogie: I’m not sure I would purchase much except whatever I needed to keep recording and being successful at that time.

Damo: What should fans expect when they here your music?

GBoogie: Optimism, fun and love

Damo: What are the name of the tracks you are promoting now and how can the stay up to date with your music?

List social networks and music links

“Turn It Up”, “We Are The Music” and “The Greatest Night In History” are three fun tracks I have to dance to and also feel good too. Hit me up on IG at @GBoogie or @GBoogie_The_Scorpio

Listen to GBoogie the Scorpio’s music and find out more about him on:

GBoogie on Soundcloud
Find him on GBoogie on Facebook


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