An introduction to entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker Tonya Rush

Tonya Rush 3.JPG

Where do I go from here? What is my next step in life? What is my purpose in this world? These are often questions asked by a great number of individuals about themselves.

Motivational speaker Tonya Rush specializes in providing the answers for these questions. Rush feels that everyone has a purpose in life. As a mentor, she aids others to find that purpose by discovering themselves, pin point their mission and passion in life then exploit it to the world.

Rush is not only a motivation speaker, she is the author of two great books that are doing very well on the market. The first, Grimey Enough, which was her first release followed by Truth Is.

Please support this inspirational young lady and visit her website Tonya Rush

Tonya Rush
Entrepreneur – Author





One comment

  1. Got-ta love Tonya, it’s nothing like a Influential Women who is giving back without hesitation; love her books as well! Truth Is! God Bless!!! -Tammy Hinkle-Davis


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