Win a trip to New York(A&R Showcase Showdown)

Big heff 4.png
Big Heff and DJ Damo at St. Louis Showcase

Def Jam’s Big Heff will be in Memphis on March 4th to pick one act to perform at the A&R Showcase Showdown that will be held in New York. The winner will receive an all expense paid trip to New York to perform at this showcase.

Below are several packages that each artists can receive for signing up for the showcase.


Basic Package = 5 Minutes Stage Time

Bronze Package = 5 minutes Stage Time and 2 People in Free plus a radio interview

Silver Package = 5 minutes Stage Time, 5 people in free, a radio interview, a write-up on your music on 3 websites

Gold Package = 8 minutes stage time, a radio interview, a write up on 3 websites, and 10 people in free

Platinum Package = All of the above with 10 minutes stage time and 15 people in free

If you need more information please contact DJ Damo at 314-448-9903

or leave your comment and submit the information that you require.





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