Get a free slot at the Mid-West Best $1000 Showcase in St Louis January 21st

Before going further reading: I would like to know how many artists would be interested in entering a contest to get an email blast and music or video placement on the Virdiko Music Promotion Website. http://www.virdiko.com


Text me for info 314-448-9903


I will be giving away a free slot at the Mid-West Best $1000 showcase to the artist that get the most votes. I will create a poll with your name and the track that you want people to listen. You can have your fans vote and others can vote also for the artists that they like the best.

If you are interested please send one (1) song to this email and make the subject “Contest Entry”


Deadline to enter contest is Dec 14, 2016

After that date you will be sent an email to post on your social networks for fans to start voting.

The winner of the contest will have the option to perform for the $1000 showcase which is 5 minutes stage time or be a featured artist which will be 10 minutes stage time.




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