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I need between 5-6 artists to kill this beat and at least one female.

By the way you can do the verse from the beat on here if you want. You don’t necessarily have to be sent the beat to do your verse

I need a few artist to kill this beat

The track will be called “That’s Ball Game” or “That’s Ball Game N—a”

Please make sure you stick to the title of the track. Track title should be enough to get the meaning of the track.

If it’s not…text me at 314-448-9903


If you need this beat to do your verse please leave your email so I can send it to you.

The artists with best verse will be picked to get on this track

You dont have to say that’s Ball Game in the middle of the verses as long as you say it at the beginning and end




  1. I have the perfect artist for it. His name is Yola Gambino I can send you some of his work he’s in studio working on a track for E-40 as we speak. This is his kind of track. It’ll be spun however in PA Texas Washington Chicago and Cali if you add him

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