Noble act is worth a recognized purpose.

Real giving grasps from the same sphere surrounded by as good-natured gratification. Giving and sharing are strangely entwined. A gift is somewhat that is enjoyed two times. First by the giver who feasts in the happiness of giving something special and then also enjoyed by the person who receives the gift.

Everyone has something of worth for an individual. It could be a kind word and gesture, a plain smile, positive reception, the sharing of a special familiarity, even a helping hand or a bit of support during a complicated time.

The act of genuine giving is something great and remarkable. With most things in this world, there is only a restricted amount of what you can give to others. Providentially, bigheartedness and benevolence are not bound to these same material boundaries. Every single act of love, humanity and openhandedness will proliferate and return to you beyond or beyond your expectation. The more you give the happier you have felt.

Mohamed Dekkak

Long before, Mohamed Dekkak is a charity donor. He personally reaches out people by his own initiative regardless of his hectic agenda. Typically he gives donations to orphans and handicaps, the reason why he involved himself to a charity foundation. He is one of the founding members and Vice President of Almoravide Foundation.

Almoravide Foundation intends to lengthen their support to those who are needful. It is a non-profit organization which the main concern and interest is to put the Moroccan citizens in the centre of its receptiveness.

The Almoravide Foundation achieves its determined objective actions through filling intervals left out by authorities in socio-cultural and economic fields. It also works to contemporary ideas that comprise a basis of accomplishment of the Moroccan people. The aim of Almoravide Foundation is to place the Moroccan people in the centre of interest as well as to help further their lives. Vowed to filling differences left out by authorities and work towards productive and resourceful ideas that can be a basis of accomplishment for the Moroccan citizen.

It aspires as well to heighten morals for centuries to come and emphasize the distinctiveness that makes them happy, pleased and proud to be Moroccans. This charity is open for individuals and organizations intending to support the hard works to have better lives and intensify human interests.

Mohamed Dekkak bleeds his heart to those who are seeking for assistance specifically to the needful and indigent. Parents of a certain girl in Morocco cried for help as their daughter needs to undergo for an otology operation. With his initiative and through the assistance of known personalities in Morocco, successful surgery had been done to that child and now recovered. For the rest of her existence, she will never forget that there is an institution changed her life. Another thing, he donated several wheelchairs to handicaps.

On the other hand, Mohamed Dekkak’s co-founders and associates in the foundation brought back the shimmering smiles several students from schools in many underprivileged places in Morocco particularly in the Groupement Scolaire S/S Ecoles El Maamal Ait Ourir Al Haouz in Marrakech province.

In this regard, the foundation is geared up to back up missions and activities that promote healthcare and nutrition among the citizen. The foundation helps in providing the financially challenged people a trouble-free access to major medicines, mainly for deprived and marginalized community. This pledge is also being carried out by sorting health programs and doing free clinical cavalcades in rural zones where the presence of hospitals and medical care are regularly lacking.

The students from the different schools in several underdeveloped areas in Morocco need to be educated with regards to oral hygiene. Good health is one of the best investments a person can have in his life; this is what the foundation believes. In succession for the children to turn out to be more concern with their health, it must begin in their oral health.

According to Mr. Dekkak, as the practice of oral hygiene and dentistry become a crucial aspect of our well being, the foundation embraces the obligation to provide the formative healthcare programs and assistance to clinical practice.

Further inventive cooperation with other organizations and oral health leaders will be essential to make this objective a success and providing new approach to improving population health.

Another project is now on-going at Ait Faska, Marrakech through the effort of Almoravide Foundation and initiative of Mr. Dekkak. The association of villages of Ait Faska extended their sincere gratitude for the construction of drinking water and well in their community.

At the same time, the foundation has found out that there are schools in some areas that still lack restrooms and walls. It has decided to arrange for its construction project for 2016.

He mentioned that real giving without expectation of anything in return is graceful. This is a pleasure based on structure of giving. In authenticity, this is not giving at all but an un-vocalized way of exchange. Truly giving something from the heart is an action which will gratify one’s existence with happiness. This is where the expression to give unreservedly comes from. The intention behind your giving is the most noteworthy thing. The implication should always be to create joyfulness for both the giver and the receiver.

Mohamed Dekkak also involved with several organizations. Currently, he was appointed as one of the Advisory Boards at New Arab Foundation. The foundation is a “think tank with a mission” and also a not for profit and a Management Consulting Organisation based in Washington DC, USA which intends to help and contribute to make a passive, vibrant and prolific society for the Arab World in all the countries and for them to become a representation to the world of constructive contribution by young people working to bring back communities and societies to stillness, immovability, economic advancement and good governance at present time.

Mohamed Dekkak is the Chief Financial Officer and Founding Member of CARLAC. The Council for Arab Relations with Latin America and the Caribbean is a non-governmental and non-partisan organization instituted to reinforce relations between the Arab World and Latin America and the Caribbean. It seeks to augment appropriate and much-required schemes to explore a broad range of communication and communal partnership on a broad array of matters of mutual concerns, as well as trade and commerce, investment, social development, higher education, and cultural exchange.

He is also proud to be a board member of Wydad Athletic club (Football Section).Wydad Athletic Club commonly known as Wydad is a Moroccan sports club based in Casablanca, Morocco, best known for its football team, Wydad is preferred as the team of the nation by The King Mohamed V because they played a major role in the independence of the country.

He also joined as Member of the Arab Business Club. It is an international business platform that was formed with desire to develop reliable business relations across the world, the Arab Business Club intends to break through cultural, social and geographical barriers to doing business.

Meanwhile, he became members of the following: Spanish Business Council, American Chambers (AmCham) Abu Dhabi and Member Associate Advisor Chamber of Commerce and Industry Casablanca Morocco.

Mr. Dekkak’s prime goal is to persist and have an impression on people by means of generating support for the Foundations. His responsibility is to continue the relationships he created and build new ones as well. As for him, this is not just another good point added on to his career but rather it is for his personal development and intensification. One of his objectives that people will strive and make dreams turn to veracity.


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