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Get your music, advertisements, promo, etc. on Hot Hitz Radio.

Hello all,

Starting in December, Hot Hitz Radio will be going full blast. I am now trying to figure out a time that will be better for our listeners to listen to the show. This month I will be doing free advertising for music, events, businesses, poets, authors, or anyone who would like to advertise on the radio show.

I will be doing segments of the radio show a 3-4 days a week.

Anything that you would like to advertise we would gladly help you promote it. Remember any exposure is good exposure. Promoting the radio show will also help promote your business and/or music.

I will be doing interviews on the radio show with artists, poets, businesses, authors, etc. I only ask for $10.00 to do an interview on the radio show. This helps support the radio show and other websites that the radio show will be advertised.

I also need several drops for the radio show, audio advertisements, etc.

To get your music on the radio show please send music to

If you want an interview on the radio show please contact me ASAP so I can set something up for you.



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