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Levi starts stop the violence movement, missing Markie after cousins death

From Dyersburg, TN comes Levi. One of the winners of the Mid-South Best showcase, who won with a song titled “This Ain’t For Me. A song she dedicated to her cousin who was murdered and found in an abandoned apartment in Nashville. After the loss of her cousin, Levi created a Stop the Violence movement in memory of him. She mentions “Missing Markie” in the lyrics of her music. She also prays before each performance that no one else suffers from such a tragic loss due to violence.

Full Interview with Levi

Levi's hit single cover
Levi’s hit single cover “This Ain’t For Me”



Levi wants to put realness back into the mainstream radio air waves. She wants to make music that portrays her life. Making music that is from experience only, not fabricated like a majority of rappers of today. Her plan is to release her new album called “No Hype, Real Life” in the early part of 2016. She feels that the album not only will speak on her life as a whole, but others that listen to the album will be able to relate to her lyrics. They will feel the pain, happiness, and losses that families and friends relate to throughout their lifetime. Levi says, the album will definitely be one for all ears.


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