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Tamara Bubble’s U Gon Get Got TV Show exposes scammers in the music Industry

With all the scammers in the music industry, Tamara Bubble, creates a show called “U Gon Get Got” to help musicians avoid being conned out of their hard earned money. As I discussed the show with Tamara Bubble I decided to get a few more details about the show. I also discovered that she has her music on an upcoming TV Show that involves the famous singer Chris Brown.

Tamara Bubble
Tamara Bubble

Tamara Bubble releases her EP

Tamara Bubble

Damo: I never interviewed anyone from the New York area that was in the hip hop industry. Describe the music scene in that area compared to other cities you have performed or visited.

Tamara Bubble: New York, I believe is like most cities…supersaturated. With the internet, the music scene is really like one big city. There’s so much competition that people feel they can’t be supportive because they’re pursuing as well. It’s very crab like, but almost in the sense that people don’t necessarily want you to succeed if they can’t latch on and come too. Everyone has an agenda. Everybody has goals and dreams. I travel a lot in pursuit of mine so I’ve seen the same thing happen city after city. I’m prepared for it #BubbleOnDeck

Damo: The year 2015 is coming to an end. Looking ahead to the year 2016, what are three goals that you are wanting to accomplish for the upcoming year?

TB: Well I actually have a three year plan, but I would like to win at least one Grammy, one Oscar, and one Songwriter’s Award :-). I’m an entertainer, actress and songwriter. I am definitely more focused on music, but I’m constantly building my brand so that I can easily branch out into other pursuits. I guess in one year, I would like to have received one of those awards, mainstream exposure and additional TV/Movie placements.

Damo: There are many opinions about the music industry of today’s generation and of our previous generations. How do you compare previous generations of hip hop to today’s hip hop?

TB: I don’t compare them because in all fairness…you can’t. The legends of yesteryear are legends for a reason. The new school is a product of influences and inspirations from those same legends combined with today’s climate, production standards, and current news and trends. Hopefully, we will create music that inspires the generations to come and continue the legacy (maybe for different reasons), but still keep the overall culture alive.

Damo: On your EP called “Living It Up” there is a single called “Towel Boy”. What influenced you to write this song?

TB: Two main reasons: One, I wanted to celebrate the fellas. I feel that females tend to write a lot of heartbreak music and male bashing anthems and not enough to celebrate all the GOOD that men bring to the table. Two, I wanted women to have that female mojo type song. Something sexy that they could welcome their ‘good man’ home to. I wanted women to explore their sexual confidence and celebrate that as well.

Damo: What should listeners expect when they take a listen to your EP “Living It Up”?

TB: Initially, the EP was titled “Where Babies Come From” so obviously, the songs are thematically about sex and love, but I wanted to express that babies come from “Living It Up” and turning up in the club with somebody that you just met. Babies come from cheating and so many other things. So I explored the positives and negatives of how all these babies got here. Then at the last minute, I changed the EP title to “Living It Up” since that was the lead single, but there is a track on the EP called “Where Do Babies Come From”.

Damo: Are there any perks being a female artist vs. a male artist?

TB: Um not any worth mentioning. It’s really sad how desolate the female rapper landscape has become. I can count on one hand how many relevant, mainstream female rappers there are. There’s a bad stigma around us…”Oh they are a diva”, “Oh they are expensive”, “Oh they’re hard to work with”. Meanwhile male rappers are back and forth in and out of jail, kicking, and slapping fans and still get a pass. I’m pretty sure these weed and lean budgets are pretty expensive also. Ha Ha. Female rappers and singers are limited too. We’re reduced to an image (the current standard is pretty much TAKE IT ALL OFF) to keep everyone’s attention and if that doesn’t work, make a sex tape or have a wardrobe malfunction accidently on purpose. Not to mention the behind-the-scenes pressure on female artist to feel like they have to work their way up ON THEIR BACK.

Damo: Currently you have a TV Show called “U Gon Get Got”. What made you start this show and tell us a little about the episodes of the show?

TB: “U Gon Get Got” is an online TV show that exposes scammers in the entertainment industry. I created the show because I wanted to give back to the unsigned/independent community. I wanted to create a platform and database hopefully to save artists some time and money. Nobody really likes to talk about the taboo subjects in the industry. The bad that goes on. The janky promoters, the whack photographers, the fly-by-night A&R’s, even other artists that steal music and pretend to be someone else to try and make digital sales. It’s really grimy, yet a sad reality. I also have the artist or actress that was scammed perform their art and show the world what we’ve been missing in a segment called” Don’t Quit Your Day Job”. It’s in its infancy stages, but I’m working to produce a full TV pilot with a studio audience. I’m excited to be able to present this kind of a platform that will serve as a gateway to the independent community.

Damo: Which episode of your show was one of the biggest scams uncovered?

TB: Episode 1: If That’s Your Real Name. I shared my story about a big scammer I dealt with when I was very new to the industry and very naïve. Watch It Here

Damo: Which scams in the entertainment business are used quite often?

TB: The most common is the “Pretend Professional”. The scammer creates an online profile, pays for a domain name and sets up a G-mail account. Now the independent entertainment world is their oyster. THEY CAN BE ANYONE THEY WANT TO BE: a fake A&R that charges artist to have phone calls or meetings with labels, a so-called celebrity photographer that sets up a photo-shoot with aspiring models, head-shots for actors, etc. Even a CD duplication business. All they have to do is put up a price list, steal photos from legit companies and have a social media presence and unfortunately, artists will send them money. Hard earned MONEY. Got-kids-at-home-and-2nd-job-pursuing-their-dream-MONEY. The sad thing about an aspiring comedian, actor or entertainer is that their dreams don’t make them research. They’re assuming that everyone wants to see them win and wishes them well. When a number of these people are ONLY here to benefit from their downfall and being naïve.

Damo: The film called “Forgiving Chris Brown” premiered in NYC at the Urbanworld Film Festival. The single “Living It Up” from your EP was placed into the film. How was your song chosen and how did you react when you heard the news?

TB: I got the placement by networking. I’m pretty active on social media and always prepared. I live by the phrase “stay ready so you don’t have to get ready”. So when I see a tweet or post where my music or talents can fill the void, I go after it #BubbleOnDeck

Damo: How can readers listen to your album?

TB: The best place to start is my official website TamaraBubble.com. I even have exclusive content up there.

Damo: What are your social networks so that readers can find out more abut you.

Twitter: @TamaraBubble

Instagram: @TamaraBubble

Website: Tamara Bubble

Facebook: Tamara Bubble

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