Great R&B artist, Manny X, instantly catches your ear with his smooth lyrics and sounds

As I searched the internet for some great R&B from up and coming artists in the music industry. There is one artist’s sound that instantly caught my ear. I first heard this song called House of Lies by Manny X. The lyrics in the song reminded me of how some relationships start off.  Living in a House of Lies. Some guys start off lying in a relationship not knowing that the relationship will get as far as it have. Then realizing that the relationship is based on lies. But then realizing that the relationship may have ended up the same even without the lies.

But anyhow, I quickly added the song to my Soundcloud playlist so that I can repeatedly hear the song over and over again. As I continued to listen to a few of Manny’s songs, he has several smooth R&B songs on the album that has lyrics that relate to many relationships. I would like to also mention that the cover that he has done to The Weeknd’s song Earned It is very original. You rarely hear artist change the style of a cover song, but he did an excellent job doing the cover.

Manny X 2

Check out more of Manny X music at MannyXWorld.com



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